Recent Analysis Track Record

US Equities 1/2

On February 9th 2018 we’ve called a sharp rally and made a case to buy the dip while other’s were screaming “October 1987!”. Moreover, we’ve stressed the importance to let the rebound develop and forecasted at least a spike into the 2,700-2,800 area. The market rallied 8.2% from our call to the upside


We have identified a major if not the Bitcoin top with surgical precision. We were bullish and forecasted higher highs until December 8th. 2017. That day we projected one last wave into a new top, which we forecasted to be at least a major if not the final top for the Bitcoin.

Our next update on December 17th 2017 called the top within a wedge formation in real time. We still do not know if this is the top or a significant top. However, a reaction to our call saved a drawdown or 50% of capital loss into January 17th!

US Equities 2/2

We have forecasted the bull run in US equities during Q4/2017 precisely. Our call occurred in a market period of much bearish noise due to the month on October.Moreover it coincided with geopolitical uncertainty about the nuclear threat from Northern Korea. The resulting market gain was more than 10% in the Nasdaq 100.

Indian Equities

We were bullish since inception our our website on Indian equities and called at the beginning of October 2017 for the end of a correction pattern in the Sensex. We stayed bullish on the Indian stock market up until January 27th 2018 as we publish this. The market move accounted for more than a 15% gain.


We turned bearish in early December 2017 after the USD/JPY failed a breakout attempt to the upside. We projected the currency to target at least into the 107.xx levels. The market move adds up to a 4% gain as of January 27th 2018.


We identified an upside breakout for WTI oil in November 2017. The entire setup was complex and traded for 1.5 years sideways. Our forecast resulted in an attractive trading setup with a very tight stop/loss and attractive upside potential. Oil rallied subsequently and we are still bullish as of January 27th 2018 and just short of a 20% gain.

Brazilian Equities

We’ve made a bullish forecast for the Bovespa in early December 2017. It was based on pattern recognition of a 4th elliott wave triangle. Our forecast was a swift breakout to the upside. After a 10% gain we took on a neutral stance as global equities got into riskier territory.

Technical Analysis