Published 6th February 2018 & validated 1st March 2018

We believe that Korean stocks are in a secular bull market. However, the current cycle is maturing and almost complete

Short-Term Kospi Elliott Wave Analysis

Published 1st March 2018

Our analysis further below is valid as long as the low from February 9th, 2018 does not get crossed to the downside.

Published 6th February 2018

Minute wave iv(circle) may be complete now. Alternatively, it could stretch into the 300 points as a next stop. We remain with our forecast of seeing another high before the market enters a cyclical correction.

Published31st January 2018

The current cycle, which is labeled as minor wave 1, is almost finished. Our Kospi Elliott wave forecast projects another high past the November 2017 interim top. However, the retracement in minute wave four looks still incomplete as we publish this update. We expect a further extension of minute wave iv(circle) within either time (sideways) or space (downside).

Mid Term Kospi Elliott Wave Analysis

Published on the 31st of October 2017 & validated 1st March 2018

The Kospi has finished a cycle degree IV wave correction in 2003. Thereafter it has traced out an impulsive primary wave cycle that was corrected in the financial crisis. Subsequently, the Kospi was among the early markets of developed economies to reach a new all-time high in intermediate wave (1).

The following sideways correction took a few years. The current conclusion of our Kospi Elliott wave analysis is that the index resumed its rise since mid-2015. Interestingly the rise since 2015 is throughout an environment of constant threat from its northern neighbor. It seems like the market climbs a wall of worry.

Technical Analysis