Overlay Model Portfolio

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2017 19% 22% -11% 9%
2018 12% 22% -10%  9% 33% 8% 10% 30% -6% -3%

The Overlay Portfolio implements our best ideas through derivatives. It consists of two components: An investment component that aims to participate in cyclical trends. A trading component that focuses on pattern recognition.

The overlay is portable to most institutional fixed-income or equity portfolios. The calculations above are based on a 10% margin requirement. A non-leveraged implementation results in roughly 10% of the returns above and investable cash of >90%.

A simplified and non-leveraged version, which includes its underlying components only, can be also subscribed by individuals under the Top Picks package.

Past results do not project future results.


Recent Analysis Examples

A few examples of our forecasts since we’ve made our work publicly accessible by launching this website are summarized below:


US Equities 1/2

We have been spot on to forecast the biggest reversals of Q1/2018 with tremendous precision. We got both, the bearish ...
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We have identified a major if not the Bitcoin top with surgical precision. We were bullish and forecasted higher highs ...
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We were bullish throughout the 2017 EUR/USD cycle. On February 8th 2018, we forecasted one last swing into the 1.255-1.265 ...
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US Equities 2/2

We have forecasted the bull run in US equities during Q4/2017 precisely. Our call occurred in a market period of ...
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Indian Equities

We were bullish since inception of our website on Indian equities and called at the beginning of October 2017 for ...
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We forecasted the biggest reversals of Q4/2017-Q1/2018 precisely. We got both, the bearish and the bullish, reversal right within days ...
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We identified an upside breakout for WTI oil in November 2017. The entire setup was complex and traded for 1.5 ...
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Brazilian Equities

We've made a bullish forecast for the Bovespa in early December 2017. It was based on pattern recognition of a ...
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Technical Analysis