Elliott Wave Principle

The Elliott wave theory states that market prices develop in trends. Furthermore, trends alternate between an action (motive) phase and a corrective phase.

Motive Waves

Corrective Waves

This applies on all time scales. Smaller time frames are called fractals. Our wave notations are as follows:

Supermillennium                1^/A^

Millennium                         <1>/<A>

Submillennium                   1*/A*

Grand Supercycle                I°/a°

Supercycle                           (I)/(a)

Cycle                                     I/a

Primary                                 1°or ① / A° or Ⓐ

Intermediate                        (1)/(A)

Minor                                    1/A

Minute                                   i° or ⓘ / a° or ⓐ

Minuette                               (i)/(a)

Subminuette                          i/a

Micro                                    1^/a^

Nano                                    <1>/<a>

Pico                                       1*/a*