We offer market analysis that is based on modern economics, technical analysis, and big data. The interdisciplinary approach results most often in a more comprehensive assessment than a one-sided approach. Our main focus are cyclical trends and technical patterns. The multiple timeframe information content benefits investors and traders with directional market exposure. Our analysis generates actionable ideas for periods of a few weeks to a few years. We track all of our ideas, regardless of being correct or incorrect, in a transparent manner. Clients receive an e-mail as soon as an update gets posted.


The content of the analysis packages includes a multi-timeframe analysis. It is based on technical analysis and has an emphasis on Elliott waves. Moreover, evidence-based economics, as well as long-term historical observations, are considered in the decision-making making process. Example of the analysis products are US indices, Commodities, and FX pairs. There are also various combinations offered that can be subscribed.

Overlay Portfolio

We combine our best ideas into a model portfolio. It consists almost entirely out of derivatives. The model portfolio requires margin capital only. Therefore, it is a portable overlay product. The overall portfolio does not only focus on the best picks. It goes beyond that and also focuses on risk management. Elements from risk parity get considered according to historical scenarios rather than short-term volatility and correlation parameters. The overlay model portfolio is an idea generator for professional clients. Our decision-making process that arrives gets outlined in great detail within the analysis products.

Institutional Service Access