Our unique approach offers professional clients access to a global macro trading desk.

Investment Ideas

Professional clients benefit from our analysis as an idea generator for asymmetric risk/return opportunities. Our evidence-based methods are vastly different from the typical global macro approach. We are independent, long-term oriented, and comfortably contrarian. 


Our public content gets regularly read by thousands of retail investors. Professional clients can white-label or pass on our research content to their customers.

Overlay Index

We provide access to an overlay index. It is a derivatives-based portable overlay product. The underlying portfolio can be implemented with margin capital only and overlaid at various exposure levels to other benchmarks/portfolios. The approach includes best-in-class risk management, which takes historical scenarios as well as short-term correlation parameters into account. It operates around the most liquid underlyings worldwide.

Overlay Management

We can customize our macro overlay for various applications and wrappers. The market environment and legal requirements are material factors for that. Please bear in mind that an implementation is not reasonable at all times/ for every situation and may take up to several months of preparation time. Nonetheless, our unique approach has a successful track record, which is very different from traditional portfolios. Therefore, our overlay added substantial value as a complementary component to equity, 60/40, and fixed income portfolios.

Professional Service Access