Individuals can subscribe to predefined packages of our multiple timeframe analysis. Each product comes with an e-mail alert as soon as an update gets posted. The update schedule is here


US Indices

  • S&P500
  • DJIA
  • Nasdaq 100

European Indices

  • Eurostoxx 50
  • DAX 30
  • FTSE 100°
  • CAC 40°

Asian Indices

  • Nifty 50
  • Nikkei 225
  • SSEC°

FX Pairs

  • USD/CHF°

Commodity and Rates

  • WTI Crude
  • Gold
  • 10Y T-Note°

Equities and FX

  • All Equity Indices
  • All FX Pairs

Equities and Commodities

  • All Equity Indices
  • All Commodities

Unlimited Personal Access

  • All Equity Indices
  • All Commodities
  • All FX Pairs
  • Top Picks

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum subscription period?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. Your access to the subscribed products will remain for the remainder of the month that you have paid for.

Do you offer a free trial or refund?

We will refund your subscription fee if you don’t like what you have purchased. Just let us know within the first 30 days of your subscription and you will be either assigned to a new product or refunded.

When are you updating your analysis?

The update schedule is here. Subscribers receive an e-mail as soon as an update gets posted.

Can I share your content?

You can share our content within your household only. Distribution to others is not permitted. Please request our written consent before you wish to share or republish any of our content.

How can corporate users subscribe?

Corporate users and technical analysts must subscribe to our corporate package. It includes unlimited access to the website, updates of our overlay model portfolio, and a quarterly conference call. Please send us an e-mail to editor(at) for a quote if you would like to get corporate access to our content.


°updated upon significant price change