Free Resources

Our evidence-based resources are a contribution to improve financial literacy. The framework is useful for the vast majority of long-term investors. It provides essential information on constructing powerful long-term portfolios that are simple and robust. The information guides investors towards understanding asset valuations, cycles, and risk of the main asset classes.

Market Analysis

Investors who want to go a step further can subscribe to our analysis packages. These focus on cyclical trends and can be used to:

  • generate investment ideas
  • optimize asset allocations
  • find an attractive entry/exit into the market

The analysis builds on our multidisciplinary approach, which combines history with behavioral economics and technical analysis. 

Top Picks

We can provide personal access to our core product: a global macro model portfolio that is not correlated to other asset classes. Our “Top Picks” summary is an unleveraged overview of all underlings that make up the overlay model portfolio.

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