We combine modern economics and technical analysis with many years of market experience. Our systematic methods focus on the life cycle of cyclical trends. We apply them to assets that are subject to worldwide public attention.

Thousands of readers from all kinds of different backgrounds appreciate our analysis. Among them are fund managers, traders, and individual investors. Some of the leading global asset management firms consider our input in their decision-making process.

Our original and independent research publications offer unique insights. We generate actionable ideas with an asymmetric risk & reward profile. The result of our work is a track record that is hard to match. We anticipated several significant trend changes among the most important assets worldwide. Moreover, our timing has often been as precise as a few hours around a reversal. Some examples can be found in our performance section.


Complimentary Analysis

Another USD/JPY Surprise Ahead?

The Japanese yen shocked the financial world during early January 2019. Even financial professionals struggled to explain what happened as ...
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10Y US Treasury Rates Likely To Head Lower

What does the technical picture tell us about the 10-Year US Treasury yield? The pale green area in the chart ...
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Silver Bullet Train Departing?

This article is an update to the view that we expressed here on Silver during the past couple of months ...
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S&P 500 – A Bear Market Rally

This article is an update to the view that we expressed here during Q4/2018. Equities rebounded sharply and it is ...
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Silver – Technical Analysis

The bullish outlook, which we laid out for silver in mid-November 2018 appears to be getting confirmed. The support level, ...
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S&P 500 – A Cyclical Bear Market

The major US equity indices probably entered a bear market during Autumn 2018. Descriptive statistics show that the current cycle is ...
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