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We combine macroeconomics, psychology, and Elliott Wave analysis with many years of trading experience. Our systematic methods focus on the life cycle of cyclical trends. We apply them to assets that are subject to worldwide public attention.

The result of our work is a track record that is hard to match. We informed about several significant trend changes among the most important assets worldwide. Moreover, our timing has often been as precise as a few hours around a reversal. Some examples can be found in our performance section.

Complimentary Analysis

Ready For The Nifty 50 Crash?

Indian equities are full of opportunities for those who understand the big picture and risks for those who don’t. What ...
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S&P 500 Likely To Morph Into A Bear Market

The all-time highs of the past few trading days probably kicked off a larger cyclical correction in US equity indices ...
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Nasdaq 100 Short-Term Analysis

The NASDAQ 100 index fell nearly 6% during the past few training days. That's the biggest correction since April of ...
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WTI Crude Breaking Out?

Following a drop from roughly $150 to $25, WTI oil recovered to nearly $80 again. We published our analysis of ...
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EUR/USD – Navigating A Secular Bull Market

Introduction Which factors are likely to be important and dominate the EUR/USD exchange rate during the next few years? We ...
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EUR/USD Bears Not Done Yet

Our short-term EUR/USD technical analysis suggests that bears are most likely not done. The most recent drop, which took price ...
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