We combine modern economics and technical analysis with many years of market experience. Our systematic methods focus on the life cycle of cyclical trends. We apply them to assets that are subject to worldwide public attention.

Thousands of readers from all kinds of different backgrounds appreciate our analysis. Among them are fund managers, traders, and individual investors. Some of the leading global asset management firms consider our input in their decision-making process.

Our original and independent research publications offer unique insights. We generate actionable ideas with an asymmetric risk & reward profile. The result of our work is a track record that is hard to match. We anticipated several significant trend changes among the most important assets worldwide. Moreover, our timing has often been as precise as a few hours around a reversal. Some examples can be found in our performance section.


Complimentary Analysis

S&P 500 Sell-off Likely

We have published a series of articles outlining our expectations for the US equity market over the past year. Our ...
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Gold Remains Range Bound

Our neutral stance on gold proved correct so far. We’ve forecasted a correction in the neighborhood of 5%-7% from the ...
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Crude Ready For Reversal

Crude rallied again into an interesting junction. The nearest WTI contract is probably close to an intermediate degree trend reversal ...
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Bond Market Flashes Recession Warning

The US Yield Curve inverted as 3m Treasuries trade at a higher yield than 10y treasuries. This narrative began spreading ...
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EUR/USD Hibernation Ended

We had a good grip on the development of all major EUR/USD swings over the past few years. Some of ...
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Crude Probably Faded

WTI crude most likely completed an intermediate degree trend reversal. Sentiment recovered along prices from the late 2018 selloff. A ...
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