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Bitcoin At A Critical Junction

Crypto enthusiasts may want to pay attention to technicals at this junction. Bitcoin is flirting with its long-term trend support. The largest cryptocurrency broke below the bullish trend channel, which carried it higher during the past decade. Technically oriented traders could sell into the falling market once they judge the trend break as confirmed. Hence, price action into Friday’s weekly ...
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Headwind For Housing

The negative news keeps on coming in for the housing sector. That’s no surprise, given the recent surge in mortgage rates. Pictet’s construction activity has been dropping sharply recently. The index is a composite gauge of actual US construction activity. It leads home prices by roughly one year historically. The index signals that the decline in home prices is in ...
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Notable Seasonality

We've entered a traditionally difficult period of the year. US equities have had terrible seasonality during the second half of September. According to Bespoke Investment Group’s data, the median return amounted to roughly -0.5% during the second half of September. The mean result is even worse. Moreover, the losses were even more significant in the past couple of decades. All ...
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Leading Economic Indicators Signal Headwind

Multiple leading indicators flash recession signals. The yield curve has been inverted, credit spreads widened, and the labor market cooled down. Their lead time from cycle peak to the next recession has been historically a few months. However, the process has been ongoing already. Moreover, the leading indicators could be even late this time as GDP already contracted in the ...
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The Market Is The Economy!

US GDP contracted in both Q1/2022 and Q2/2022. According to Lakshman Achuthan's data, there has always been a recession on the back of two quarters of negative growth in the past 75 years. Moreover, our analysis reveals that every NBER recession in the US also triggered a double-digit decline during that same period. The stock market corrected on average -31% ...
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The Death Of The Bull Market Has Been Greatly Exaggerated!

Back in the day, coal miners took canaries into coal mines. The birds were an early warning of an invisible and lethal danger because canaries are more sensitive to dangerous gases than humans are. Consequently, the coal miners knew it was time to leave the coal mine if the canary died because hazardous gases were present. There are parallels between ...
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