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We combine macroeconomics, psychology, and technical analysis with many years of trading experience. Our systematic methods focus on the life cycle of cyclical trends. We apply them to assets that are subject to worldwide public attention.

Initially intended to expand our institutional client base, this website caught the attention of the broad public. The potential to help interested readers navigating through a challenging market period motivated us to continue offering our content publicly.

As far as we know, we are the only professional traders that supply the heart of a global macro- and technical trading approach in a traceable manner to the broad public.

The result of our work is a track record that is hard to match. We informed about several significant trend changes among the most important assets worldwide. Moreover, our timing has often been as precise as a few hours around a reversal. Some examples can be found in our performance section.

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US Equities – Stage Is Set For A Cyclical Correction

A Bull Market For The History Books US equities performed a record bull run from the end of the great ...
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Breakout Pattern In Taiwan Weighted Index

The Taiwanese blue-chips index flatlined since October 2017. There was no net price progress for about a year. The index ...
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Brent Close To Breakout

An important support and resistance cluster has been met in Brent crude oil. It is marked by the yellow horizontal ...
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S&P 500 – It’s All About Timing

US equities had a magnificent bull run from the presidential election in late 2016 until January 2018. The broad-based S&P ...
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Understanding Modern Fed Policy

Background on Fed Bond Purchases The Fed embarked on asset purchases, which they call quantitative easing or QE, during the ...
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Forecasting The Bitcoin Top

The Mother Of All Bubbles - A Farewell Bitcoin had a stellar run up until the end of 2017. It ...
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