The idea behind launching was to help investors navigate through business cycles.
Our independent approach to understanding markets is very different from the traditional way. It relies on history, behavioral ec
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ESI Analytics is an independent investment research firm. We provide evidence-based research and investment strategies.

Our goal is to generate uncorrelated returns for institutional investors. We have a best-in-class track record in originating actionable trading ideas that can be implemented standalone or together as a tactical asset allocation.

ESI Analytic’s core product is a portable overlay. It is delivered as a derivatives-based model portfolio to institutional clients. Seamless integration to their existing portfolio structure expands Markowitz’s efficient frontier favorably. Individual clients can access an ETF model portfolio that replicates the institutional overlay extensively. Therefore, sophisticated individuals can benefit from an all-weather model portfolio designed to function in all market conditions.

The decision-making process behind all ideas includes technical analysis, behavioral finance, and macroeconomic research expertise. It is a statistical evidence-focused approach to successful long-term investing.