The idea behind launching was to help investors navigate through business cycles.
Our independent approach to understanding markets is very different from the traditional way. It relies on history, behavioral ec
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ESI Analytics is an independent investment research firm. We provide top-down research and evidence-based investment strategies. This site helps individuals and institutional investors manage money through all market conditions.

Our investment philosophy is similar to Benjamin Graham’s and Warren Buffett’s “value investing”. However, we combine their fundamental approach with a systematic asset allocation.  The systematic overlay enhances the risk-reward relationship by adding technical analysis, behavioral finance, and macroeconomic research expertise. Our proprietary method is an evidence-based approach to successful long-term investing.

Robert Lefter founded ESI Analytics, the company behind He has more than 20 years of professional trading and investment experience. Rob worked as a proprietary derivatives trader at international banks before moving on to the buy-side. He is currently responsible for the investment management of ESI Capital Management, Inc., an investment adviser, in New York City.