An example how our research ideas get implemented is the ESI Long-Short Index. The index and a corresponding tracker has been calculated by an independent calculation agent on a daily basis since April 2022. 

Institutional investors could access our ESI Long-Short Model Portfolio until the end 2021. The strategy combines long-term macroeconomic research with mid-term behavioral finance components and short-term technical analysis. It delivered trading signals for a derivatives-based portable overlay. The goal was to generate a high single-digit return with no correlation to beta in every business cycle phase.

The data below shows the raw data of the macro overlay combined with 3m US Treasuries. All data is before costs and correlated against the VOO ETF. We allow profits to run. Therefore, the drawdown is not representative of the macro strategy at inception.

The illustration below shows how the ESI Long-Short model portfolio added value to a beta component (VOO ETF). The embedded overlay model portfolio aims to exploit anomalies in stocks, rates commodities, and currency pairs. It has no bias to be long or short in any market at all times and can be overlaid at various exposure levels.

All estimates above are based on an 80% allocation to the VOO ETF along with a 20% allocation of the ESI Long-Short model portfolio. All statistics below include a negative contribution of 1.25% p.a. fix and 10% p.a. performance adjustment. Any other fees and costs such as brokerage fees, transaction costs, etc. are omitted.

Warning: Past performance is not a reliable guide to future performance.

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